FreeOffice PlanMaker for Windows and Linux

FreeOffice 2016 is based on SoftMaker Office 2016, the current generation of Office software from SoftMaker, thus benefiting from the many improvements that SoftMaker has made to the commercial version. For example, it renders graphics even faster than its predecessor, which was pretty nippy anyway, by using several CPU cores, is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10 as well as all current Linux distributions and supports both touchscreens and 4K (UHD) monitors.

Check out some of the additional improvements of FreeOffice 2016:

  • Even better compatibility with Microsoft Office: FreeOffice was already viewed as the reference for seamless processing of Microsoft Office documents. The new version, FreeOffice 2016, uses revised file filters, whose quality was improved even further. The result: FreeOffice 2016 opens Word document in DOC and DOCX formats, XLS and XLSX format Excel worksheets and PowerPoint presentations in PPT and PPTX formats loss-free. No other free Office suite achieves this unproblematic interoperability.
  • New EPUB export and improved PDF export: Directly from inside each of the FreeOffice applications, you can create high-quality PDF files, which now also include PDF tags, comments, tracked changes and bookmarks. A brand new addition to FreeOffice TextMaker is export to EPUB format which lets you create e-books from your documents at the flick of a key.
  • Pivot tables and conditional formatting just as in Excel 2016: The latest FreeOffice PlanMaker provides pivot tables for sophisticated data analysis at eye-level with Microsoft Excel. Conditional formatting now works as in Excel 2016 – including color bars, marking of the highest and lowest values as well as icons for value trends.
  • Huge worksheets with up to one million rows are now offered by FreeOffice PlanMaker as are additional mathematical functions and new chart types.
  • Improved tables in FreeOffice Presentations: The old version of Presentations collated tables from AutoShapes. This changes with FreeOffice 2016 – Presentations now supports genuine tables, like those that can be found in TextMaker or modern versions of PowerPoint.
  • With animations and slide transitions based on DirectX, new FreeOffice Presentations gives you a large variety of spectacular effects that make slide shows genuine “eye-catchers”.

Download FreeOffice 2016 today to explore its many new features!

Files and printing

  • Worksheets can be exchanged between any version of PlanMaker on any operating system with no loss of fidelity.
  • Open and save XLS files of Microsoft Excel 5.0 to 2016 faithfully, including password-protected files
  • Open XLSX files of Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2016 faithfully, including password-protected files
  • Document preview straight from the file dialog
  • Import and export assistant for text files and dBASE databases
  • Create PDF files directly in FreeOffice PlanMaker
  • Tagged PDFs and bookmarks in PDF files
  • Scale the printout so that it fits on a specified number of pages (five different scaling methods)
  • Print 2, 4, 8 or 16 pages on one sheet of paper
  • Send worksheets in a freely selectable format (e.g. XLS or PDF) by e-mail

Comprehensive calculation capabilities

  • More than 350 calculation functions
  • Worksheets with 1 million rows and 16,384 columns
  • Calculation with complex numbers and array functions
  • Numbers can be formatted as currency units, with fixed decimal places and thousands separators, as percentages or fractions, as dates and times etc.
  • Perpetual time format (20:00 + 5:00 is not 1:00 but 25:00) which also allows negative times
  • AutoSum, AutoProduct etc.
  • AutoFill: intelligent filling of cell areas with values and rows of values
  • External references (calculations that access data in other files)

Editing worksheets

  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Cell comments
  • Syntax highlighting
  • AutoComplete for cells
  • Select and format multiple worksheets simultaneously
  • Sheet, workbook and document protection with encryption

Analyzing data

  • With pivot tables you can display data in a targeted way according to your individual specifications, summarize them, sort them into categories, compare and evaluate them.
  • Goal seeker
  • Create database ranges within worksheets
  • Data grouping (outline view)
  • Sort by up to 64 columns
  • Transpose cell ranges
  • AutoFilter and special filters
  • Database functions for totals, averages, variance etc.

Creating attractive worksheets

  • Cell and character styles
  • Conditional formatting with numerous new features
  • AutoFormat: attractive formatting at the touch of a button
  • Borders, shading and filling patterns
  • Rotate and merge cells
  • Center across columns
  • Headers and footers (split into left, center and right sections)
  • Colored tabs for worksheets

Graphics and drawings

  • Comprehensive drawing and image functions integrated
  • Draw and design directly in your document with AutoShapes that are fully compatible with Microsoft Excel
  • Insert images in a range of file formats
  • Mirror effects, soft shadows and transparencies
  • Change brightness, contrast and gamma of images directly in PlanMaker
  • Connector lines between objects
  • Large symbols library for flowcharts and org charts
  • TextArt feature for type effects

Presenting and visualizing data

  • Powerful Excel-compatible chart module for impressive charts
  • Insert more than 80 different types of charts, e.g. bar charts, histograms and pie charts
  • Each chart element can be individually formatted with any fill pattern or color gradient desired.
  • Impressive effects for charts: soft shadows, beveled edges, transparency, light sources etc.
  • Charts can be rotated in 3D space.


  • Fully Unicode-enabled, including Arabic
  • FreeOffice PlanMaker for Windows is an OLE server and can insert its worksheets and charts in any other program.
  • You can zoom and scroll with your fingers on touchscreens
  • Support for 4K (UHD) monitors
  • Spell-check in 58 languages with Hunspell dictionaries
  • Automatic hyphenation in 33 languages
  • Application can be installed to a USB flash drive so that it can be used on any PC without installation.